Where to Start

Just getting started? Here are a few of the common questions. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for please contact us

Question: Does Truth Construction own property or lots that we could buy and build on?

Answer: We primarily are a “build on your lot” builder. We normally build on property that our customers already own, or are in the process of purchasing. However, we are typically familiar with various available properties around the Denton County area that may be a fit for you.  ALWAYS keep in mind that it is wise to get your builder involved and have him look at the property before you purchase it. Land conditions/location can drastically impact your cost to build.

Question: How do I know if the land/lot that I am purchasing is good to build on.

Answer: Every lot or piece of property is unique. It is highly recommended that you discuss things with your builder before purchasing a piece of property. Property conditions can drastically impact your cost to build by several thousand dollars. I would be glad to review the property survey and meet you on site to discuss.

Question: What about a floor plan? Does Truth Construction have floor plans to choose from? If we have our own floor plan will Truth Construction build it for us?

Answer: We have a limited number of floor plans and would glad to show them to you to see if one of them is a fit. However, considering that there are millions of plans out there I advise to visit a user-friendly plan website and pinpoint a couple of plans that are pretty close to the layout that you want. Then contact me to discuss the feasibility of the plan and to discuss creating a new plan similar to that one that reflects any adjustments you would like to make. This makes for a good starting point to get the plan that you want without “recreating the wheel”. Truth Drafting http://truthdrafting.com/ can draw the floor plan that you want and walk you through each step of the way.  If you already have a floor plan that’s great also. Contact me and I can review your plan and we can discuss the next steps.

Question: How much does it cost to build?

Answer: Considering costs are heavily impacted by many variables it is best to discuss this one in person or over the phone. Floor plans, finish out, utilities, land conditions are just a few things that play into the cost. Beware of someone shooting you a quick cost “site unseen”. This is no simple thing.

Question: How long does it take to build a home?

Answer: The average build time for one of my projects, from groundbreaking, is between 5-7 months. This is assuming your project falls within the normal parameters of most of my projects. Size, finish out, location and weather can affect the build time. Keep in mind there is quite a bit of legwork to be done prior to breaking ground. Before we can break ground we have to have a floor plan, a budget, and funding in place. The legwork on the front end overall can take some time as well. Sometimes up to 3 months.

Question: How do I pick out all my colors and selections and all that goes into the home? This seems overwhelming to me. Does Truth Construction help with that or am I on my own?

Answer: We will coach you through this entire process. No need to worry. However, it is wise to gather pictures and have a good idea of the styles and designs that you want early in the process. Just bring us the pictures and ideas and we can guide you from there.